100_07132Safety Management

Safety is paramount in all industries. QMS provides safety management for a variety of industries that consist of: safety consulting, safety plan creation, site safety services, accident investigation with root cause analysis and general safety consultation and risk analysis.
100_07132Environmental Health and Safety Training

QMS provides general environmental, health and safety training for numerous industries. Oftentimes specific training is needed, and that is where QMS will design and deliver customized training needed to meet the needs of our clients, no matter the industry.
Program Management

Programmatic management of portfolio projects includes roll-up and annual budgetary management, operating budgets for portfolio projects, portfolio scheduling;  management, and reporting. QMS develops necessary procedures and SOP’s to ensure quality and repeatability of processes along with business optimization. The key management strategy endeavors to roll the portfolio related data into a data into an output format that management and decision – makers can use to forecast scope-creep, cost overruns, and project cost analysis.
Project Management

QMS manages the scope, schedule, budget, and risk through proven Project Management tools and techniques. Planning and executing those planning elements are key to running a smoothly operating project. QMS manages project and assists project managers in the daily logistics of running projects.

Quality Control

Quality in any project or program is a planned event and must be managed just as other project elements are managed and monitored. QMS will develop

  • a working knowledge and understanding of contractual documents

  • plans and specifications

  • develop and execute a project – specific QA/QC plan with scopes of work and working procedures

  • create protocol for existing quality management systems

  • coordinate QC procedures at appropriates stages as outlined in the project schedule

  • review those provisions that are provided to control inspection and testing

  • document compliance after corrective actions are instituted

  • review activity hazard analysis documentation to ensure safety requirements are met

  • and create procedures

  • policies and establish best practices for controlling quality.

Environmental Management

QMS has extensive experience with environmental management and strives to manage the scope, schedule, budget and technical aspects of environmental projects through planning, continuous project analysis and process improvement. The QMS project expertise focuses on Environmental Assessments, Environmental Impact Statements, Engineering Evaluation Cost Assessment Reports, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans and other NEPA/Clean Water/Clean Air compliance issues.